Are you ready to feel confident, strong, and empowered this summer?

Look no further! The HWK Summer Sweat Challenge is a 4 week workout program designed to help you unleash your inner fitness warrior while embracing a body-positive mindset in only 15 minutes a day!

Who is this challenge for?


Regardless of your age, fitness level, or body shape, this challenge welcomes all who seek a consistent workout program to transform their summer activity. Our inclusive community of anti-diet rebels will support and uplift you every step of the way.

How long does the challenge run?

The challenge will be available in the studio until September 30, 2023 at 11:59PST. I recommend starting Day 1 of the challenge anytime between July 3rd - September 3rd in order to have time to complete the whole challenge from start to finish!

After September 30th, we will be moving into our Fall programming and the challenge will no longer be available so it's best to start right away!

This challenge is perfect for you if you want to:

1️⃣ Ignite Your Consistency: Say goodbye to inconsistent workouts and hello to a structured program! With expertly designed workout routines, you'll develop a healthy habit that lasts beyond summer.

2️⃣ Boost Your Strength: Witness your strength soar as you conquer a new and exciting challenge each day and progressively level up throughout the program. We believe in celebrating every milestone, no matter how small!

3️⃣ Divest From Toxic Fitness Norms: The HWK community celebrates all bodies and focus on fitness programming rooted in self-love and acceptance. This challenge is about feeling confident and appreciating the incredible things your body can do, rather than striving for a particular appearance.

4️⃣ Find Meaningful Connection: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who inspire and uplift one another. Share your successes, challenges, and triumphs, and build friendships that extend far beyond the challenge.

What's special about this challenge?

✅ 28 days of curated fitness programming including a fun way to get your steps in

✅ Easy to follow along workout timers and exercise demos

✅ Available 24/7 - Choose any time of day that suits you!

✅ The option to play your own music as you follow along the prompts

🚫 100% Diet-culture-free - no diet talk or toxic fitness language!

What equipment will I need?

• Light weights (3-8lbs)

• Medium/Heavy weights (10+lbs)

• Mat (optional)

What will the 4 weeks look like?

Is there anything else included?


✅ Immediate access to the entire Healthy With Kelsey On-Demand Studio with 200+ body positive workouts to keep your new habit going 24/7

✅ The 21 Day Find Your Groove Challenge 

Your Month in Motion: a monthly curated 30 day workout calendar that changes each month!

✅ The Monthly Hype Girl Hitlist - the exclusive HWK Spotify playlist

✅ Access to the HWK community board

+ more!

How can I get started?

Become a Healthy With Kelsey studio member on a monthly or annual membership to get immediate access to start the challenge when it launches on July 3rd!

Don't let this summer slip away without igniting your fitness goals.

Embrace your body, celebrate progress, and unlock your potential with the 4-Week Summer Sweat Challenge.

Sign up below and let's do this together! 💪🔥